South Dakota Innovations
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"Innovation is the difference between leaders and followers."

-Steve Jobs


Innovative Partners has established a diverse portfolio of technology-based companies across the region.  We have a unique collaboration with universities, health systems, corporations, economic development organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors that places us at the cutting-edge of evaluating, developing, and de-risking early state investment opportunities.  We are opening doors to the future.  

Agriculture Technologies

Current investments in Agriculture Technologies include Novita, who is chemically extracting natural oil from dried distillers' grain for chemical, lubricant, and fuel production; Prairie AquaTech, who is microbially converting agriculture processing by-products into high quality protein and medicinal products for aquaculture and other animal species; and Cyanosun Energy, who is capturing carbon dioxide from industrial processes such as ethanol and power production to produce high value chemicals.

Life Sciences

Current investments in Life Sciences include Tranzderm Solutions, who is developing biodegradable drug delivery systems to increase stability, solubility, skin penetration, release and efficacy of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial products; and Medgene Labs, who is developing diagnostic and therapeutic products for economically significant infectious diseases in animal and human health. 

Engineered Technologies

Current investments in Engineered Technologies include Applied NanoFilms, who is developing unique nano materials and deposition processes with multiple commercial applications, including large and small thin film displays and solar cells.